February 15th, 2016 – We are 15

February 15th, 2016 – We are 15

We are 15

February 15th, 2016

Fifteen years – is this a lot or not? For a person it is adolescence – a period that is close to adulthood although still with lots of doubts and lacking self-confidence.For a school, specifically for a Russian school abroad – this is a serious milestone which allows to draw conclusions, to speak about the unique pedagogic experience and to make plans for the future.

The cultural and educational centre for children and youngsters, the famous “Mechta” school of Montreal is one of the largest Russian-speaking schools in the North America which can be proud both of its little students and of its graduates who also take their kids to “Mechta” as well as of its friendly and well-organized staff and faithful friends.
Last week our friends got together to congratulate our school on its fifteenth anniversary that was celebrated during a charity event – “Children are our future” held at “Mechta”.

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The event with its distinguished light and warm atmosphere that was felt at all times – from the moments of congratulations by the Consul General of the Russian Federation – Mr. Yu. V. Bedzhayan, as well as by representatives of Jean-Coutu, Caisse Desjardins’ and many others related to school by a long-standing friendship, – to the performances of virtuoso musicians and dancers, the cocktail party, the lottery tour, and, of course, communication – was a great success.
Traditionally, the raised funds will be used to finance scholarships for talented children, to support families in difficult financial situations, and to subsidize both free courses and school sections.