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for challenged children
Mechta – Russian Children Centre 4245 Decarie Blvd, Montreal, QC H4A 3K4
Skidki Discounts to private schools Villa Maria - 10% Collége Français - 20% L'École des Premières Lettres - 30% Free Tutoring Trial exams jointly with Succès Scolaire
to assist in admission to the best Montreal schools
Preparation for private schools
Stipendii Scholarships for our best students Free studios:
Choir, theatre and danse
Additional free lessons
and extracurricular activities in different subjects
Music Mini classes with musical instruments Every year students take McGill exams
and get Certificates according to their level
Twice a year students’ concerts
are held in the school concert hall
Music School

Лого Детского Центра МечтаThe Children’s Centre Mechta was founded in 2001 and is the only non-profit educational establishment in Canada.

Children’s Centre “Mechta” is a Russian Language school with a unique leisure center that offers educational and creative activities to children three times a week. Every year the Centre organizes Student Olympiads in which students compete based on their knowledge of a particular subject. Winners are awarded Diplomas, Certificates, and money prizes.

Children’s Centre “Mechta” is the only educational establishment of this kind that has a Charity Foundation “Children are our Future”. This allows us to offer an extra free tutoring lesson (math, physics, chemistry or biology) to our senior secondary level students that helps them with college entrance exams.

The Centre’s activities have been mentioned on several occasions by Prime-Ministers of Canada, Federal and Provincial Ministries of Immigration and Montreal City Hall.
Children’s Centre “Mechta” is a member of the International Society for the teaching of the Russian Language and Culture, member of МАПРЯЛ (International Association of Teachers of Russian Language and Literature).

Children’s Centre “Mechta” initiated the First All Canadian Pedagogical Conference for the teaching of Russian Language and Culture in partnership with the Embassy of Russia in Canada and KCPCK. On the occasion of the 15th Anniversary, The Consulate General of Russia in Montreal has awarded the Centre a Certificate of Excellency.

Thanks to the Foundation we have a free choir for all the students of the Centre, free Theatre and Dance Studios for the middle and secondary level students.

We offer extra free tutoring math and English lessons every week for students preparing for entrance exams to private schools or École Internationale,

The missions of the Center are to preserve the Russian culture and language in local communities, develop curiosity, teach responsibility, provide tools for integrating into a culturally-diverse society while maintaining one’s own cultural identity, cultivating respect, and embracing Canadian and Quebec cultural and historical traditions.

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